Twinning - programmazione 2007-2013

Elenco paesi con i quali si è lavorato in questo periodo:


  • PL 2004/IB/AG/04: "Strenghthening of Institutions Involved in Rural Development Measures Post 2006"; 2005-207, concluso.
  • PL 2006/IB/AG/03: "Preparation of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture for the Implementation of new CAP Reform"; 2007-2009, concluso.
  • PL2006/IB/AG/04TL: "Development of supervision and control system of agricultural products and foodstuffs with registered geographical indications (PGI), designations of origin (PDO) and certificates of specific character (TSG)"; 2008, concluso.


  • HR 2005/IB/AG 02 - TL: "Capacity Building of the Croatian Agricultural Inspection"; 2008, concluso.


  • BG 2007/lB/AG/05TL: "Support for the Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production and Processing in Bulgaria"; 2010, concluso
  • BG 2007/IB/AG/09-TL: "Building of Analytical Capacity for the Successful Implementation of the Single Payment Schemes after 2013"; 2010, concluso.


  • RO2006/IB/AG/02: "To set-up adequate structures assuring the absorption of EU Rural Development and Fishery funds after accession"; 2007-2009, concluso


  • SR 2005/IB/AG/02: "Institutional Capacity Building within the Phytosanitary Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management"; iniziato 2008, in corso.
  • SR 08 IB AG 02: "Capacity Building and Technical Support for the Renewal of Viticulture Zoning and for the System of Designation for Wine with Geographical Indications; inizio previsto per l'estate 2011.


  • KS 09/IB/EN/02: "Further Support to Sustainable Forestry Management"; iniziato 2010, in corso


  • JO10/ENP-AP/AG/12: "Capacity building for the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of EU third country listing criteria for plants and their fresh products"; inizio previsto per l'estate 2011.
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